Zombie Smack Town 1.0 APK for Android

Zombies have taken over planet Earth. You’re racing towards home, to save your family with endless number of zombies standing in your way. They need to be crushed and you need to get home in time. Zombie Smack Town is the most thrilling, addictive and intense racing game.

How to play:

• Smash and shoot all zombies coming your way, as you race against time and fuel in your fancy car, on a free highway. • Kill 4 different species of zombies to earn gold coins and unlock better cars with better fuel capacity. • Perform air-flips, tricks with your car and land perfectly to earn extra points • Drive carefully but fast enough and consume as little fuel as possible• Swear not to stop until the last zombie on the highway is smashed and bled to death.• Kill or get killed.


• 7 different cars: Hummer, Lamborghini, Police car etc. with different fuel capacities, top speeds, BHP, and fire rate• Over 30 missions to accomplish to gain extra points and coins• Intense zombie-blasting action game play and advanced physics• Exquisite high definition graphics and life like special effects, sounds• Climb up the leaderboard by travelling the distance • Turbo sound• Randomized and challenging terrain


Download Zombie Smack Town 1.0 APK for Android apk

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