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Shush automatically quiets down your device while you are using it. When the screen is unlocked, silent mode is activated. When the screen is turned off, the last non-silent setting is restored. Note this only affects notifications, not music, games or alarms.
The idea is that when you are using your device, you will see notifications in the top pull-down menu anyway, so it isn't necessary to also play the sound and/or vibrate. It is especially useful if you are receiving many IMs while you are doing something else.
An optional in-app purchase unlocks the ability to restore the non-silent setting while any installed app you choose is active. This can be useful for example if you would like to still hear notifications while playing a full-screen game.

This app requires the following permissions:
– Read Phone State/Identity: This is so that the ringer is not silenced when the phone is unlocked due to an incoming call. This permission enables Shush to tell if the phone is ringing or not (that is all it does with this permission).
– Run At Startup: This is to allow Shush to be active right after a restart. This way you don't have to open the app first.
– Retrieve Running Apps: This is necessary to allow Shush to restore the non-silent setting during a particular app.


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