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Good Heavens!The Monkey King not only pilfered the saucer peaches and the imperial wine, butalso even knocked over the alchemy stove of Tai Shang Lao Jun (the GrandSupreme Elderly Lord)!

The Supreme Deity of Heaven flew into such a rage thathe sent tens of thousands of celestial soldiers and generals to capture the demonmonkey!

At the very critical moment, the Monkey King broke the gate of the LingxiaoPalace (the Palace of Surpassing the Sky) into pieces and spurted out.

Could you help the Monkey King slip away from being cut off by those tens of soldiersand generals?

In 1961, an animation movie named Uproar in Heaven was put on show in mainland China and createdquite a stir, making it an unforgettable milestone in the animation history ofChina. At its 50th anniversary in 2014, the production team applied moderndigital technologies to reserve the original painting style of the former workas best as it was practicable, and connected with simple-to-play rules toproduce a parkour game based on a chapter of the traditional story the Pilgrimage to the West describing theMonkey King's uproar in the heaven to pay a tribute to this movie which hasinfluenced several generations.

The story tells how the Monkey King, after hisuproar in the heaven palace, broke the gate of Lingxiao Palace, escaped from thecontainment of tens of thousands of celestial soldiers and finally returned to hisWater Curtain Cave in the Mountains of Fruits and Flowers.

The player needs tohelp the Monkey King get rid of the chasing of the soldiers without knockingover the barriers as best as he can. Certainly, the Monkey King is no pushover,and his seventy two tricks are definitely not for underestimation. Want to knowthe knack? Come closer and let me teach you the magical incantations.


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