Dynamic Lock Screen APK

A cool new dynamic lock screen, replacing the generic lock screen and allowing you to add widgets and content from your favorite source such as Facebook, Twitter, news and RSS feeds.


You can slide the unlock button to unlock the screen or to unlock directly to your camera.

SCREENS AND WIDGETSOn the right side of the default lock screen you will find a blank screen with a big plus sign on it. This is where the real fun begins and you can start adding your lock screen widgets and content.Another screen allows you to signup to Facebook and add your feed.

CUSTOMIZE AND SHAREYou can fully personalized your dynamic lock screen with your photos and sounds, so no more boring generic lock screens – from now on your lock screen is personal to reflect who you really are.You can customize the background, unlock icon and unlock sound – upload your own and use the gallery, to create a combination that is creative and cool.Click the share icon to share your lock screen design with your family and friends, through Facebook, Twitter, SMS or any other media.

SUPPORTED DEVICESDynamic lock screen supports all devices.

PERMISSIONSAll permissions requested by the app are strictly to allow better functionality and support some of the features. We respect your privacy and will not use permissions to collect any of your personal data.

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