Local Warfare Portable 3.9f15 APK for Android

LWP(Local Warfare Portable) is a PC multi-player FPS game developed with Unity 3D game engine. With a strong passion for FPS gaming, we made it run perfectly on your Android device.

LWP comes with awesome graphics, which brings you authentic experience of being on a real battlefield. You must sharpen your attention—-ANY mistake may lead you to death. Hold your breath! Choose the right landform, deploy the right weapon. ANY mis decision pays. Last reminder: never forget to check your ammos!
The victory is yours!

★Features :
*Lite and performance, No Ultimate device required
*Zombie Survival Mode with a brand new Multi-Player Zombie system. how long can you stay?
*Awesome graphics
*Every game mode with Multi-Player
*Realistic physics – blow up your friends or……zombies!
*Support up to 10 players
*Small size of apk file, which enables you to share it with your friends easily
*5 Bots difficulty level , keeping your gaming skill sharp
*Customizable equipments,grab your best gear then go kick some ass
*Full customization on game control. We respect your own gaming style!
*100% ads free, 100% charges free, 100% guaranteed
*New weapons, maps and features coming soon!

Multiplayer Gameplay Video:

★How to Play LWP Multiplayer with your friends?

1.Connect All the devices to the same Wi-fi hotspot(It can be a mobile phone hotspot)

2.Launch the game then go to "MutiplePlayer"=>"Create Game"=>"Create Room" to host the server

3.Make others devices go to "MutiplePlayer"=>"Join Other"=>"Join Private Room"

4.Type the IP address then click the "Join Room" buttom to connect to the server device. (The ip address will be shown at the left-top of the server device screen)

5.Click "Start" button at the Server device and Enjoy!

★Notice :
This is not an Online Game(yet), you'll need to host your own sever for Multi Players, such as MinecraftPE or CS1.6 .

★Few Important Notes :

1.If the app shut down unexpectedly, quit it,clean up the caches,and then restart it again.

2.If the control layouts didn't fit your taste, go to "Pause Meu=> Setting => Custom control" to set it up.
You can drag buttons position and use zoom in/out gesture to change it's size.


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