Arytan Mobile Booster APK

Arytan Mobile Booster is a compact, efficient, powerful, ram memory optimizer and boosting tool specially designed for Android phones. It's is a top rated memory optimization app that reclaim memory, clean cache, save battery, kill tasks and completely uninstall unwanted apps.

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App Features:
► Auto Boost – automatically reclaims phone memory at regular intervals.
► Shake Optimize – shake your phone to optimize ram memory.
► Screen Lock Boost – Quick boost when device screen is off / locked.
/>► Memory Monitor – monitor memory and alert the user with notification sound on low memory.
► Cache Cleaner – clear application cached files and recover the precious phone memory space.
► Optimized Widgets – memory widget, CPU widget, battery widget, Internal / SD Card widget.
► Memory Status – home screen display memory usage for RAM, ROM (Internal Storage) & SD Card.
► Auto Start – this app can start up automatically on restart of phone.
► Ignore List – ignored apps will not be killed during memory boost operation.
► Filter – provide options for displaying 'all' or 'third party' apps in running apps list.
► Notification – display app icon on notification bar for quick access. Display both memory and battery level.
► Auto Boost Message – display boost message after Auto Boost completed.
► Quick Boost – 'Quick Boost' button on home screen allows memory boost in a single click.
► Theme – user can choose home screen style for the app.


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