AlarMe – weather aware alarm APK

"AlarMe is a weather sensitive alarm clock that keeps an eye on the weather and will wake you accordingly so you're never late because of weather conditions"
– lifehacker.com

"A weather-based alarm is quite an interesting and practical innovation […] A well-refined app with an active developer behind it and built on an interesting concept and idea, AlarMe may be an app you would like to try out"
– xda-developers.com

"[…] it looks like AlarMe for Android app combines necessary alarm features with a very clever weather based twist"
– redmondpie.com

AlarMe is a revolutionary alarm app
Don't be late to work anymore due to heavy snows or waking up late on a stormy day and getting stuck in traffic

AlarMe wakes you up at different times according to the weather rules you set up for each individual alarm
Rain? Wake up 15 minutes earlier
Snow? Maybe you'll need 30 minutes to clear the road to your garage
Sunny? Then perhaps you can sleep a little longer than usual

AlarMe allows up to create up to 6 different weather rules for each of your alarms (2 in the free version,upgrade to Pro to unlock them all), each one with a fully customizable ringing time

* The "read phone state" permission is required to automatically disable the alarm if you receive / are in a call when it's ringing *


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