LovelyHeroku APK

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The only Heroku app created out of passion for the platform, and the community surrounding it.

We are pleased to present the most elegant mobile app built for the Heroku platform, with every
feature you could want while on the go. Available for both phones and tablets-alike.

* Heroku status
* OAuth-based authorisation with 2FA support
* Multiple accounts
* Support for organisations
* A console with amazing performance
* Transfers
* Beautiful streaming logs with plenty of sorting & filtering options
* Restart one dyno, all of them, or scale
* Quickly check out, or set new config variables
* Take a look at releases, so you know what you broke
* Find your favourite add-on, and change its size
* Check the overall cost of your app
* Add new collaborators
* Put your app in maintenance

We're always available to help you, via several channels:

Email: mario@lovelyhq.com / founder@lovelyheroku.com
Twitter: @lovelyheroku and @lovelyhq

We look forward to your feedback and all the nice things our app will help you do.

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Disclaimer: Heroku is a registered trademark of Salesforce.com, Inc. LovelyHeroku is not affiliated or endorsed by Salesforce.com, Inc.


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