Cooler Master APK

As the #1 Android professional phone temperature monitoring and controlling app that detects and closes heavy resource consuming apps to reduce CPU usage and cool down your phone (for android now).

Features( Totally Free ):

✓Real-time temperature monitoring
Monitors and logs phone temperature in real time, and displays temperature change curves.
✓Dynamic overheating app detection
Analyzes CPU usage dynamically, and detects apps that are overusing CPU to determine the cause for phone overheating.
✓One tap to cool down
Allow you to close overheating apps with one simple tap to reduce CPU usage.
✓Overheating prevention
Closes apps that are likely to cause overheating, and prevents the phone temperature from rising.


★Why does my phone overheat?
Constantly high CPU usage is mostly the reason why your phone overheats. Some apps tend to use the CPU for a very long time in the background, which causes your phone , especially android phones to produce excessive heat.
★How dose Cooler Master work?
Cooler Master is designed to monitor the CPU usage of your phone, and detect apps with high CPU usage so you can close them
★Why does my phone get so hot?
It’s normal for your phone to get hot when you are using complicated apps, watching video clips, or while you recharge it. In such cases, just put your phone somewhere cool and ventilated, and the temperature should drop soon.

Supported languages:

English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese Brazil, Russian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean,Turkish(supported by Nurullah Yılmaz).

The features listed above are available for free.

Please contact us at coolermaster.team@gmail.com if you have any questions or suggestions.


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