Quento 1.3.4 APK for Android

Quento is a little puzzle game that makes simple math fun for all ages! It gives you the answer – but can you do the math?

"For the life of me, I don't know. But there's something about Quento that keeps me coming back." – Android Central
"Quento is a delight. It’s different, it’s challenging. Fantastic." – Cult Of Mac
"Quento is an excellent math puzzle game for all ages. Both young kids and experienced mathematicians will enjoy it." – iMore

To play, just swipe from a number to a + or – and to another number again. You'll earn a star if it adds up to any of the given answers. Can you unlock all stars and proceed to the next round? Each round brings a new color scheme and after a few rounds you'll even be introduced a whole new mode of play: FREE PLAY.

Quento is a game by Q42. It was invented by Martin Kool, coded together with Benjamin de Jager and designed by Marten de Jongh.

The name Quento is derived from the Spanish "cuenta", meaning "sum" or "count", and "quintet" which is Latin for "group of five" that hints at Quento's game board having five numbers.


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