Sudo PicRemove 1.0.3 APK for Android

Unlimit your inner photographer! With this app, you no longer need to worry about running out of space on your device, so you can snap away to your heart's content. Sudo PicRemove allows you to painlessly clear old pictures that are just sitting on your device taking up space. Photo management is hassle-free: once you reach a certain threshold, the app will let you know it's time to clean things out. Once you clean up, images go to a trash bin for temporary holding where you can rescue any pictures that you want to keep on the device.

Reclaiming your space is now a single tap away. You can even unlock the ability to have the app keep your device clean of old photos automatically!

Note: make sure your photos are being backed up properly before using this app!! If they are not being backed up to another location (Dropbox, Google+, your computer, etc.), then you WILL lose your photos once the app empties the trash. We are not responsible for any photos lost that were not backed up.


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